Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Patriotic Blocks

Talk about taking a break - I hope to get this blog more current once again! Too many irons in the fire. :) Happy irons, but busy nonetheless.

So ... I found these two patriotic-themed quilt blocks at the thrift store awhile back, just as they're shown here. The middle of each block is a patriotic print, then they've been pieced in a Log Cabin-style around it with other fabrics. They've been hand-quilted with the back and batting. The backs are a nice, airy print of off-white with dusty pink design.

What will I do with them? Something! Basically all they need now is basting stitches removed, check to see if I need to add any quilting stitches, and bind them. Then I can use them as mini-wall hangings, or a table-topper, or whatever. But whatever happens, they have a happy home now. :)