Thursday, October 27, 2011

Busy Day

Spent a good amount of time in my "sewing nook" today.

Yesterday, I got the bindings sewn on the rug mugs. Now to stitch them down by hand on the back.

Today I got busy on some Farmer's Wife blocks. I do them in groups of four. I had one done for quite awhile, and the other pieces were cut out, but they were just sitting and sitting! So last night and today, this group got finished.

It seems I've saved all the blocks with tiny pieces for last! I think that's why they sit so long before I get them done. I dread the little pieces! This "Garden Path" block not only had little pieces, it also had "Y" seams.

I don't use pins when it's just pieces going together. But when it gets into rows and more length to sew, I do use pins just to keep everything matched up and where it needs to be. ESPECIALLY so with these "Y" seams where the ends of the red pieces met.

I got it done, but don't look too close! It's got some major puckers. But remember, I'M HAVING FUN. Even if I'm cross-eyed from looking at tiny pieces and "Y" seams!

Corn and Beans, Friendship.

Garden Path, Fruit Basket.

I also worked on cutting out pieces for some more "spool" blocks. I had four blocks made, and want to have a dozen or so. Trying to stay in sort of a red-white-and-blue color scheme for the most part. Will post pictures of that as it gets a little more done on it.

Now, I have a very important piece of advice. If you're sewing, and have a mug of hot coffee nearby, and also have a sack nearby for threads and throw-away scraps, make sure you don't accidentally put thread snippets or whatever in your coffee!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Fast Progress

Making fast progress on the "mug rugs." Here they're machine quilted, and ready to have their respective binding strips sewn on.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Footloose and Fancy Free

Since I got that Jacob's Ladder quilt out of my head for awhile, I'm turning myself loose to have a little fun with the fabric and sewing machine! Early in the year, there was a "pay it forward" post on facebook, where you said that the first 5 people who commented, would get something handmade from the post-er sometime in 2011. Well, here it is October, and I've been mulling over ideas for a long time, and just now getting around to actually doing something. I had four people comment, so I'm making "mug rugs" to send them, plus an extra to another friend, plus one for me.

I kept it really, really simple, because I need something that's simple, and fun, and quick, and easy seams, and NOT 1-inch triangles like I'm running into in the Farmer's Wife blocks! So I just cut out wide strips, and am sewing them together in blocks. Then I'll add batting and backing, "machine quilt" the seams, add a binding, and voila ... a mug rug. I tried to pick fabrics for each one according to what I thought each recipient would like. Here I'm in the middle of sewing, one done on the left, two getting sewn, and three stacks of strips in the background waiting their turn on the machine.

It was quick and fun, and I enjoyed sewing long, straight seams for a change!!! Here are the six "tops" done, ready for a pressing and the next steps to finish them. It's nice when you make something that's just free-wheeling and fun!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Done ... For Now

WOO-HOO!!! The Jacob's Ladder quilt is QUILTED and TRIMMED. All it needs is binding, and I'm going to do that later on down the road, who knows when. I am so tired of looking at these three fabrics over and over. I mean, it's been several years since I started the first blocks. But even with that said, I like the effect of the colors in the block pattern and how they look when you see the whole quilt.

A closeup of the blocks.

Now, I'm gonna cut loose and have some quilting fun! I want to get that pink gingham animal block quilt ready to put in the hoop to quilt. All it needs is the border. Then I have several sets of blocks I've been working on for small projects - fall leaves, spools, friendship blocks, etc. Plus the Farmer's Wife blocks.

Plus I want to get into the "feed sack" material I have, and make a small quilt reminiscent of the '30's and '40's.

PLUS, a good friend of mine sent these beauties to me, to do something with, oh yeah! That was sure a sweet surprise! Dresden Plate blocks made out of feed sack material, enough for a nice-sized quilt. Just need some material squares to applique them to, and center-circle material, and that will be a fun winter project to work on. Plus the little hexagon "flower garden" blocks, those will be nice for a wallhanging and a pillow, perhaps. Off I go!!!

Monday, October 17, 2011


Found some cheerful fabric at the thrift store.

Sunday, October 2, 2011


Taking a blogging break ... be back soon. :)