Thursday, January 22, 2015

Finished Runner

Last spring and into summer, I worked on a table runner project for a customer. I wanted to finish it by the Fourth of July (since it had red-white-and-blue colors in it) so she could get it in time to enjoy for the holiday. Guess what ... I made the deadline! Here are a few pictures of the finished project from back then before I sent it off to its new home.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Four-patch Progress

Made some progress this morning on the four-patches. Will try to get some more done this afternoon. We've got rain/snow moving in later, so this will be good to work on.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

New Project

Started piecing four-patch blocks yesterday, to make a quilt top. I plan on it being plain blocks alternated with the four-patch blocks. The materials are newer ones, that resemble depression era/feed sack prints. All I know is, I got to the point that if I didn't do something like this, I was going to go crazy. It's therapeutic, and nostalgic, to piece by hand. It slows me down. I think, I pray, I remember. It's a happy link back to my beloved Grandma.

Piecing by hand always makes me think of my Grandma C. When I was a kid, I'd sit in her chair with her, she'd be piecing, and I might be drawing on a notepad or something. I was a little kid yet, and she was petite, so we both fit in the chair. The picture below shows three of my cousins and I (in the orange top) with Grandma C., and that's the chair and that's her house. I'm a little older kid by then, but you get the idea. Happy, happy memories.