Monday, August 20, 2012

Fair Quilts - One With a Story

Our local fair was this last weekend, and one thing I enjoyed was seeing the quilts and other needlework projects after they were judged. Here is a sampling of the entries where you first walk in.
A couple of fairgoers checking out the quilts. The second lady told me about the "Flower Garden" quilt you see in the picture.
It was a beauty, and I couldn't get enough of it.
She was an older lady herself, and she said her grandmother started the quilt, and her great-grandmother finished it. I loved seeing the old-style fabrics with their prints and colors.
I became obsessed with it! She said, "Take all the pictures you want." :)
A little closer look:
I liked the deep reds.
She also said her husband's grandmother made this nice patchwork quilt:
Moving along, there were more nice quilts to see. Here's a pretty brown and turquoise one.
A pretty purple one with handkerchiefs appliqued as butterflies.
And to finish this post, another butterfly applique quilt, also very nice.