Wednesday, May 29, 2013


After being inspired by something I saw somewhere - Pinterest? - I cut out some pieces the other night to make a small table runner. Today I got them arranged, and sewn together. It's been a stormy day, and as of now (9:30 p.m.), we're not out of the woods yet, with a bad storm to our west headed right at us. Hopefully it will JUST RAIN. Please, Lord, no tornadoes or hail.

Anyway, this is ready for the next steps: Cut out backing and batting, quilt, bind, and done. Be nice for summer, Flag Day, Fourth of July, etc. It's just a smaller one, but may be fun to set something on.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Feed Sack Find

One of my favorite things is Depression-era feed sack material. I just love all the colors and patterns that are unique to this time. At the thrift store the other day, I found this bag of blocks and pieces for $3.50. It's crammed full. I haven't opened it yet. I want to have time to savor it when I do. Here's the view on one side of the bag, a bunch of colorful hexagons.

The other side - I see a Dresden Plate block, among other things.

Love these colors and patterns!