Friday, December 30, 2011

Thrift Store Finds

Found some treasures at the thrift store today.

A printed panel with a horse theme - I think I'll make this into a pillow for a young girl at church who LOVES horses. :)

Found three BIG blocks in crisp red and white material, in a kind of "Irish Chain" variation (?). May make a big table runner out of this, or something to put on the back of the couch perhaps.

A closeup of the red and white blocks.

Then, there was this little treasure. I've always admired the "Cathedral Window" pattern." It's not technically quilting, but the way you sew it, it ends up fairly thick and heavy. Evidently, this was "in progress."

But I love seeing the colors and patterns in the center fabrics ...

... very interesting, reminding one of stained glass. Hence, "Cathedral Window." These "blocks" are bigger than most I've seen.

A square of colorful fabric pinned on, perhaps was next in line to be added?

A needle and thread is stuck into one corner, having been worked in some quilting or stitching lines.

Colorful fun, with a mystery story of where it came from.

Friday, December 23, 2011


FINALLY got done with the bindings on the mug rugs. I knew it would just take some sit-down time, and it would get done. Yesterday was that day. And, the corners weren't so bad. Sometimes it's just the *thought* of something that holds you back. But when you finally take action, it's not as difficult as you thought.

Yesteday was cloudy, cold and blustery, so it was good to sit inside and work on these. Here's looking at the binding-sewing in progress.

Done! The green-bordered one already went to its new home, so these four are left to send out soon to THEIR new homes.

Retro prints.


Red, white and blue.

Red and pink.

This was a fun project, I may have to make more! Sometime in the future, after I work on 493 (give or take) other quilting, crocheting and knitting projects.

Friday, December 16, 2011


Today, I was finally able to send off the completed mug rug (that you see in the photo below) to its new owner. So ... I am gaining! However, I'm off on a knitting tangent, so the sewing and quilting have been a little neglected lately. But I haven't altogether forgotten it, just going through a "phase," and I MUST KNIT. But I'll get back to the sewing and quilting here after awhile. :) Meanwhile, those other four STILL need the bindings sewn!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Here are a couple of pictures of some early projects. First, is a baby comforter I made the first time I was expecting. Simple, big squares, and tied. I needed a "simple" project back then!

Two college friends gave me their mom's material scraps, so I made them each a quilt. This is the 9-Patch made for the younger sister. When Mom and I quilted there at home, we put it in Grandma C's quilt frame, and had it set over the dining table. Mom helped me quilt this one. I had fun putting the various materials together in the blocks.