Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Plain Colors

Awhile back, I was working on an Amish-style wall hanging in a "Trip Around the World" pattern. It was a little tedious sewing together squares that end up 1 inch by one inch, but it was coming together well. I got it mostly sewn together, except for the last three rows. Then ... the knitting and crocheting bug hit, and off I went on that tangent. So a little stack of 3-rows'-worth of plain-colored squares has been sitting on my table for .... uh .... a LONG time. Today I finally put some of the knitting and crocheting away for awhile, and got back on some quilting projects. High on the list was to get these LAST THREE ROWS DONE. So here, I've sewn the rows, and am now pinning them on and sewing them one by one.

Ta-daaa! Now all it needs is a border, then to be quilted and bound. I have a lot of projects on my list that need "borders, quilted and bound." It's cutting border material that puts me off. So I'll just have to sit down and tackle that particular step sometime.

Closeup views.

Then, something new I started today was to begin cutting out pieces for a "Tumblers" pattern quilt. Probably not a big quilt, but colorful for sure.